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Keynote Speech on Generative AI and History of Digital Media

Lev Manovich

September 13th, 14.00 p.m. CET


ISYDE, Italian SYmposium on Digital Education, is the yearly conference organized by the Italian e-Learning Society (SIe-L) that is in line with previous conferences (EMEMITALIA and SIEL) whose organization was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In resuming its conference activities, SIe-L aims to broaden the focus from e-learning and media education to 'digital education' in a wider meaning as a matter emerging from the recent years' experiences.

The Focus of this year’s edition is: Innovating Teaching & Learning. Inclusion and Wellbeing for the Data Society”.

Innovating the teaching-learning process could spring as an answer to several diverse objectives such as enhancing the learning outcomes, promoting soft and transversal skills or developing digital awareness. In contemporary societies, however, two specific needs, strictly related each other,  are asking urgent answers: inclusion relative to any possible barrier to access to education (income, health, physical condition, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, social and cultural background, etc.) and the promotion of the physical, psychological and social well being of any citizen starting from the very early stages of development.  The education system has to engage itself in promoting, testing and diffusing effective strategies aimed to transform educational paths in welcoming ecosystems able to support a full and safe development of the individual aspirations, embracing diversity as an opportunity of growth for the whole system. The conference will address this challenge with the aim to promote the emergence of national and international good practices of teaching-learning innovations, particularly effective in supporting inclusion and wellbeing as two sides of a new path towards community needs-driven teaching-learning innovation.